The Christmas Trio by Nasomatto

This year’s pandemic shook various markets, including the perfume one. People have less money and therefore spend less on luxury, and also on perfumes, as they sit at home most of the time. But like any viable industry, the perfume industry quickly found its way. On the one hand, the boom in home perfumes (did I mentioned that people sit at home?), on the other hand, a number of perfume by-products, such as body sprays, hair sprays and, among other things, a huge boom in tiny packages.

It’s a complete dream for me. At the same time I can start even more in terms of perfume promiscuity, and also the little ones are total cuties…

In the advantage, of course, were brands that had offered them before, either as travel packages or oil concentrates, as in the case of Nasomatto. Nasomatto has offered them before, but now they have made three triple packs for a nice price, which also together form the brand name – NAS-OMA-TTO. It  is a big self-denial don’t collect all 3 !!!

In addition that they are great as a gift, there is much better chance that the recipient will fall in love with at least one of the three than to try to hit it with big bottle.

And they will fit in the advent calendar, I tried, although I has to admit that it would be quite luxuriously filled windows….

Thanks to the perfume Le Parfum le Chic, I became the lucky owner of the NAS trio – Black Afghano, Blamage and Pardon, and I really enjoy it.

I’ve known a few scents from Nasomatto before and I have the (no longer produced) jasmine scent Nuda, but so far I’ve only tried alcohol versions, so now I’m comparing a bit. Alcohol version are already in the Extrait concentration and they really have really proper endurance, but what these oil concentrates show is really a luxury. Because the carrier is oil, they go into space but not too much, but what is unbelievable is endurance. All three of them lasted at least 24 hours, including the shower, in the case of Pardon it was almost two days (well, yes, I’m grateful that they are nice, because if I didn’t like them, I’d probably have to rope in some reptile to give me instructions on how to strip from the skin… and our turtle does not know this and in addition it looks quite inaccessible…).

So let’s go at them individually:


Smells like a bright golden warm potion, where the ingredients are so folded, that talking about some olfactory pyramid is completely useless…. The magic is that the individual “steps” of the pyramid have spread out on my skin in such a way that the  closer I get to my nose to the place on skin where I applied the scent, I feel a different “floor”. It actually makes sense, as these are substances with a different volatility. So, most of all, I feel a light magnolia, and as I get closer to my hand, a floral-chocolate-bituminous tone comes with a dense base of cinnamon, sandalwood and a bit of Nasomatto’s concept of oud right next to the body. Beautiful and a bit magical…


There is no blamage here, this is a beautiful tree scent. I can smell the needles, then the note  called “birch bark” in perfumery, and I always plan to smell the birch one day to see if the name is accurate (and I still haven’t, because I am too lazy to go to the forest), a bit of a pleasant fuzzy light wood and whole ensemble is softened by light dust of soft and unsweetened powder. I tried this scent in its usual form and I smelled a beautiful ripe yellow melon there, but here I was looking for it in vain…. I was already beginning to question the formulation of the oil perfume and/or my own memory when I realized that I heat my home little bit too much as I feel always cold (my poor roommates would be able to talk), so I stepped onto the balcony and it’s there. In any case, the yellow melon is just a delicate line next to the rest and definitely does not make the perfume either sweet or sticky, it just pleasantly complements and rounds it.
Black Afgano

Black Afghano is the name for one of the best types of hashish (I had to google it !!!). So I guess the perfume should smell like hashish. Well, I don’t know how to compare, so at least I’ll try to describe it. Dark, dense greenery, a bit of tree pitch, damp tobacco, lit incense. At first dry, cold, gradually start to be “oriental”, it is no longer dry smoky olibanum, it is already a lighted oriental stick. Sometimes there is an animal tone. Probably somewhere in the greenery. No, I’m not going to find out what it is, I’m a little scared after dark. Dark, dark, dark. But beautiful. Probably not completely universal, but when it suits to somebody, it suits great.

In any case, I have already solved the dilemma of what to wear to rock concerts. I hope that there will be possible attend some soon.

Just – be careful when applying, it stains a little bit, but it is absorbed quickly by skin.

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