Esxence 2023 – First whiff

A huge exhibition hall, 280 exhibitors, from well-known old traditional brands of several centuries to the sweet newborn pups, from classically exclusive fragrances to totally extravagant ideas, Europe, Africa, Orient and the Far East, natural and synthetic, Osmothèque, Italian Perfumery Institute, Art & Olfaction Awards, 3 conference halls, 4 days and me.


Tired, exhausted, and happy.

Muscle fever in my legs, a nose full of smells, and head like a balloon.

So how was Esxence 2023? Great.

I haven’t quite managed to wade through all the samples and notes yet, so just a little peek for now.

The Minoan Maze of exhibitors….

Interesting events….

Beautiful perfumes…

Amazing people…

Fascinating information…

And when I’ve gnaw through this (I’m putting hope into the upcoming time off – it looks like the easter holidays are going to be even more fragrant than usual in my home), I promise a long article!!!

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