Esxence 2023


The days are getting longer, the birds are singing, the heads of the first flowers are starting to emerge as from the city’s lawn mess as from the nicely maintained front gardens, children are starting to resist their hats and gloves even more fiercely than before, people are posting photos of this year’s snowdrops on social media with a tear in their eye (yes, they are growing this year too, and yes, they are still protected…. after all, that’s the only reason they are still growing…), the unmistakable signs that spring is coming are impossible to miss. And with spring traditionally comes Esxence – the biggest and most important niche fragrance fair in Europe.

It will take place from 30 March to 2 April 2023, with 30-31 March being days for the professional public only, but 1-2 April is open for general public….and Milan is not so far away, the more adventurous can drive, plane tickets are not so expensive and trains are also available….consider….

What makes this year special? Well, apart from the fact that it is coming again after a long Covid hiatus, and even on a usual date (last year it was already there, but for a long time it was not clear whether it would be or not, and the date was postponed several times)…

….so this time we will be there too!!!

And we’ll give a thorough report!!!

We solemnly announce that Parfumanie has become an official Media Partner of Esxence this year:

The main theme of this year is Iridescent ……I’m very curious and I don’t know what to prepare for….it sounds promising, and the graphic display for it is extremely appealing as well.

In any case, the list of exhibiting brands is impressive. I already can’t decide what I want to try (everything, of course, but that’s not possible), but at least I’m making a list of what looks the most interesting…. novelties, scents that are not normally available nearby, favorites….

….please write in the comments what you would like to try the most! I’m not promising anything, of course, I’ll be probably overwhelmed anyway and my plans will go away….but…maybe…

….and I’m especially curious about your tips.

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(Written and published for on 5.3.2023)


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