Fantômas and The Nose

Fantômas is one of the first French comics (the first was published in 1911), whose main character is the elusive criminal Fantômas. He received many film adaptations, perhaps the best known in our country is the trilogy from the 1960s with Jean Marais in the lead role and Louis de Funès in the role of Commissioner Paul Juve.

What does this have to do with perfumes? Perfumer and conceptual artist Alessandro Gualtieri, working under the stage name The Nose, chose this character as a model for his latest perfume called Fantomas. The composition is – as usual – secret, otherwise, it could not be in this case, the bottle has a smooth metal cap and the scent in it has a mysterious light gray color. The smell as such is interesting. I recognize mainly smoky tones, a little wood, and greenery, some also smell honeydew melon or other fruit in it (it somehow moved to Baraonda perfume for me). It is pleasant, slightly mysterious, and definitely works for me for layering, with the more opposite scent, the better.

And to make it even more interesting, The Nose announced also a competition, which will takes place soon. With the scent, a set consisting of a dummy flask and “police” tapes to mark the crime scene came to the shops, and individual shops could create installations from them and put them on Instagram under the #fantomaschallenge hashtag by the end of the year.

At the beginning of the next year, pictures will be evaluated by The Nose himself, and I am already curious about the winner. But until then, you can shorten the wait for lockdown midnight by at least looking at various creations. I’m curious about your tips for the winner!

In Bratislava, you can try it in Le Parfum Le Chic perfumery.

(originally published on 31.12.2020)

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