The crème de la crème in Le Parfum & Le Chic

I love perfume events, whether it’s launching new brands or just meetings with perfume enthusiasts. And I always regret that there are significantly more of them elsewhere than here… actually, I experienced an official event organized by a Slovak niche perfumery for the first time. And when it finally happened, then in amazing style.

The celebration was truly luxurious…amazing atmosphere, beautiful piano music, wonderful desserts (the cupcakes looked so perfect that one was almost afraid to touch them), wonderful people…and two new, very prestigious collections at once.

The brands Nishane and Eight & Bob have been in the portfolio of the perfumery Le Parfum & Le Chic for a long time, but they only now launched these luxury collections. And both are luxurious in all aspects.

Nishane Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection from Nishane immediately catches your eye with its appearance. Flacon of deep, elegant colors hidden in a metal grid of contemporary simplified oriental patterns immediately attracts attention. In the best sense of the word.

And the content is even more luxurious. All three fragrances – Mana, Shem, and Nefs – oscillate on the edge between oriental and European “oriental” fragrances. So they are extremely elaborate, well thought out, and full of wonderful rich ingredients.

All of them are beautiful and they all caught my attention. I would probably choose Nefs for myself – an oriental flowery-honey beauty, with a slight hint of saffron and a thoroughly “smoothed” base of woods, resins, and – unexpected for oriental fragrances – a note of whiskey.

Eight & Bob Les Extraits

On the contrary, the Eight & Bob brand is as “western” as it is possible.

All flacons of the brand are in a strictly minimalist design. The Les Extraits collection is minimalistic too, just they are made of heavy glass with a solid lid and in a thorough, solid box. They look slightly “retro”, I could imagine something like that in Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s bathroom, but of course, that’s just my imagination.

However, the content is indeed contemporary and modern. I was very intrigued by the scent of Agneta. It’s an original, rich scent with slightly gourmand notes, in which I smell very solid woods, spices, incense, a little coffee…and even if it’s not mentioned in the list of notes, roasted hazelnuts. I think a lot about acquiring it for the fall and winter.

The second fragrance, the ethereal Guéthary, was also interesting to me, but I tried it along with Agneta, and Agneta was so strong, that I’ll just have to go try it again alone. And I’ll be happy to go ;).

And at the end, we had a surprise… the owner of the perfumery, Lukáš Roth – a pianist and music composer – sat down at the piano and played for us. It was wonderful and I hope to hear him play more often.

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