The Christmas Trio by Nasomatto

This year’s pandemic shook various markets, including the perfume one. People have less money and therefore spend less on luxury, and also on perfumes, as they sit at home most of the time. But like any viable industry, the perfume industry quickly found its way. On the one hand, the boom in home perfumes (did I mentioned that people sit at home?), on the other hand, a number of perfume by-products, such as body sprays, hair sprays and, among other things, a huge boom in tiny packages.

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Soul Couture

This is some mysterious brand. Out of nowhere, suddenly it’s here and we are glad it is.

But curiosity led me at least to try to find out anything about it, even though it’s not that simple. It looks like that they decided to represent themselves quite strictly with the scents themselves and not with some stories around them, which is nice, just it is not so easy to write about it. So …

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Varanasi or Waters of Ganges

(picture source:

Meo Fusciuni

Meo Fusciuni (real name Giuseppe Imprezzabile) seems to be a rather spiritually-based man, a versatile artist with a love of travel.

Many of his previous creations already have referred to various travels (1# nota di viaggio – rites de passage, 2# nota di viaggio – shukran, 3#nota di viaggio – ciavuru d’amuri…).

The scent of Varanasi was supposed to be (and I hope it will be) an introduction to another travel trilogy, this time called “Timeless Trilogy”.

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Menditorossa Athanor

According to one of Bratislava’s legends, a seemingly upright burgher lived in a house in the center of the city, who, however, secretly dealt with alchemy. He was so obsessed with the idea of making gold that the devil himself took advantage of it and offered him this secret (under foreseeable conditions), but on the condition that he would not use that gold too much so that it would not be suspicious.

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