Ella K

I admit that I underestimated this brand initially. The packages looked very nice to me, I like such cheerful minimalism, but somehow I did not expect much from these colorful liquids. And that was a mistake. The simple look and lightweight design conceals truly sophisticated scents.

So I looked who’s behind it.

And it is – Sonja Constant !!

And who is Sonja Constant?

If you search in memory in vain, this will help you:

Guerlain L’Abeille


A perfume maker who even picked the perfume house Guerlain to create one of its historically most luxurious pieces.

But her portfolio is considerably wider. Her nose is behind very successful perfumes from the whole range of perfume world. From the most classic old houses like Fragonard, to the most affordable brands – like Yves Rocher, O Boticario, Natura, Mango, Avon – through the classic mainstream – like Narciso Rodriguez (yes, also the new “red cube”!), Balmain, Rochas, Valentino, Nina Ricci, Rouge Bunny Rouge, to luxury and niche brands such as Tom Ford, Carner Barcelona, ​​Eutopia, Les Liquides Imaginaires, Pozzo di Borgo, Shanghai Tang, or Simone Cosac (also Osé, my beloved Osé !!!). She even jumped a bit into Oriental waters by working for Syed Junaid Alam.

She started traditionally. She graduated from the perfume schools ISIPCA and Givaudan, and and at Givaudan they just kept her and that was very smart. And she works for them till today.

But like many top perfumers, she started up her own brand, where she can create to her own tastes and not be exposed to the pressure and visions of the clients.

So in 2017 Ella K. was born.

Who is Ella K.?

Ella K. is an imaginary heroine, composed of three real historical figures – Elly Maillart (1903-1997, Swiss sportswoman, traveler and writer), Karen Blixen (1885-1962, Danish traveler and writer, author of “Memories of Africa”) and Alexandra DavidNeel (1868-1969, French-Belgian traveler, discoverer, spiritualist, anarchist and writer.) These three unconventional, courageous women, far beyond their time, have become the inspiration for creating a perfume brand who, as she said in one interview, prefers to reach for the Moon, even when there is a risk to be lef out somewhere between the stars, rather than staying on the ground.

So let’s look at perfumes:

The fragrance design is very pleasant, relaxed, optimistic-minimalist. It works lightly and easy-going

I got the opportunity to try these six, and I clearly plan to add the (so far) two remaining:

Baiser de Florence

Incense with wood. There’s a tiny bit of carrot-like iris, but it looks more like a forgotten carrot stalk. Sometimes there is a faint floral or green tone, sometimes cool stone tones. Old stone streets, old stone buildings, churches, but it lives. Yes, this is Florence, as I remember it. Somewhere a little floral decoration, sometimes raw bituminous myrrh, ready for ignition. Why did they pick that pink color for this, I don’t understand. But it’s a strong buying candidate for me.

In Brumes de Khao-Sok

Fog over the Thai jungle… may be…

This smell makes an “arc” on me. It starts with a very fine gardenia (and yes, gardenia can also be delicate;)), continues with smooth fresh greenery, which gradually progresses to a regular cut grass and then adds a fairly strong but not unpleasant herbal aroma. She passes, returns to the lawn, from there back to the indeterminate delicate greenery and delicate, unobtrusive gardenia, where she stays for quite a long time.

Mémoire de Daisen

“Memories of Daisen”. Daisen is a mountain not unlike Fuji, and the smell is supposed to take us to Kyoto for some reason. So.

Hedion is a molecule often used in perfumes, molecule which I think looks like a deer being high and it is high just on that hedion. In essence, it is supposed to be a more durable substitute for jasmine, but let’s just say that for me, neither durable nor jasmine. Here is a generose dose of it and it is framed by some very pleasant citrus and a couple of flowers and it is supported by another chronically used molecule ISO-E-Super, which is also not really Super for me, resembling slightly a cedary cellophane. So this will be meant for someone else, also because the lasting is short on me, if I write that in minutes, I am generous. But the fact that it did not show up for me does not mean that it will not fit someone else and if I look at the quality of the others, I strongly recommend trying this on own skin.

Mon Amour

Trip to Namibia.

The word “amber” has two meanings. Amber as a product of whale and a precious perfume ingredient, and amber as a gemstone, which is in reality ancient fossilizied tree resin. This perfume makes me to think about both.

Spices embedded in golden amber-stone … not of course. But if this gemstone had a scent, it would smell like this. An amazing blend of all kinds of spices, evoking images from African markets, thickened with bituminous-sweet tones of benzoin and ambergris, with a woody finish…. Here the experience of working with oriental perfumers is clearly visible. Perfectly holds, goes into space and perfectly blends with the current hot weather.

Mélodie d’Altaï

Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan, bordering China and Mongolia….

Saffron-vanilla cream, is there such a thing? Sweet, soft, smooth … but sweetness will pass away, gentleness, smoothness and affection will turn into a soft warm fur collar with soft leather lining. But vanilla is slowly returning. It is as if a lady put on the perfume, dressed in luxurious fur and the perfume gradually began to break through the fur coat.

Lettre de Pushkar

This fragrance should carry us to India, Rajasthan province.

Beautiful aroma of “soft”, aromatic spices, saffron, nutmeg, a bit of sweet cinnamon. Another wonderful oriental fragrance, smooth and soft as a silk sari, but at the same time hot and spicy as India. And when it looks like the perfume has shown what it was supposed to and now it just holds nicely (and it is holding), then comes to the scene a rose. So Rose. Beautiful, dark red tea rose with velvet petals. The kind of rose that stands out alone because this is how her beauty shines the most.

And finally…

I repent. Really. This collection is just a bottled splendor.

Well, what about the compliments? That the highest compliment is imitation? So this is the latest collection from Paco Rabanne Pacollection… .

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